Kosovo Modern – An Architectural Primer

Presentation: March 2017 – former WU Building, A-1090 Wien, Augasse 2-6, Kern B, 2. Stock. In December 2015 the National Gallery of Kosovo presented the Exhibition “Kosovo Modern. An Architectural Primer” directed by Eliza Hoxha, Ilir Gjinolli and Lulzim Kabashi. The panels explain the icons of Modern Architecture of the 70ies and 80ies of the 20th century in this part of former Yugoslavia in bilingual Albanian – English texts, plan and historic photographs.

Kosovo Modern – An Architectural Primer

With this exhibition, for the first time this visionary phase of Kosovo in architecture, urban planning and society, which finally lead to the establishment of the Prishtina School of Architecture, could be fully researched and documented. The political disasters following teach us in retrospective the value of this “golden” period, as sensational future lab of architecture and society within Europe.
The exhibition is embedded into an afternoon symposium on Wednesday, March 29th 2017 at former WU Buliding, A-1090 Wien, Augasse 2-6, Kern D, 2. Stock, W15, which is open for everyone:


13.00 – 13.30 pm Rudi Scheuvens, Thomas Dillinger, Marina Döring-Williams: Welcome

13.30 – 14.00 pm Lulzim Kabashi: The dilemmas of Kosovar Architecture

14.10 – 14.40 pm Arber Sadiki: Bashkim Fehmiu, Life in Urbanism – Urbanism for Life

14.50 – 15.20 pm Kujtim Elezi: Georgi Konstantinovski: How the spirit of Yale came to Prishtina

15.20 – 15.40 pm Coffee Break

15.40 – 16.10 pm Ilir Gjinolli: Is there a Kosovar School of Architecture?

16.20 – 16.50 pm Caroline Jaeger-Klein: Austrian Modern Architectural Culture

17.00 – 17.30 pm Edmond Hajrizi: Universities and Transformation Processes

17.40 – 18.10 pm Eliza Hoxha: Modernism in Architecture and Transformation

18.30 pm Opening of the Exhibition (together with Kosovo-Friends Austria)
Short biographies of the symposium lecturers in alphabetical order:

Kujtim Elezi: Architect; University professor at Tetovo State University (Macedonia) and UBT Prishtina; PhD at TU-Wien: “Le Corbusier in Macedonia: the history of a myth”, 2005

Ilir Gjinolli: Architect, President of EUROPAN Kosovo; Lecturer on Urban Design for UP Prishtina and former director of the Kosovar Institute of Spatial Planning; PhD in Graz on “Public Space in Kosovo – Transformation through History”

Eliza Hoxha: Architect; President of the Executive Board of the Kosovar National Gallery in Prishtina; University Lecturer at UP Prishtina; Book-Author.: “The City and Love”; awarded for “Educative Architecture” in 2011 and Ambassador for Environment in Kosovo since 2010; member of the ECP-European Culture Parliament; PhD candidate at TU-Graz

Edmond Hajrizi: Founder and President of UBT Prishtina with a large Faculty of Architecture; studied Management and Engineering; PhD at TU-Wien in the field of Systems Management; UBT Library is currently the biggest library in Albanian lands

Caroline Jaeger-Klein: Studied Architecture at Vienna and Ann Arbor, Michigan; PhD at TU-Wien; University Professor for History of Architecture and Architectural Heritage at TU-Wien and UBT Prishtina; Guest professor at Saudi Arabia and Brazil; National Expert in Court; ICOMOS Austria and Kosovo; Book-Author

Lulzim Kabashi: Kosovar Architect and University Lecturer in Zagreb: Ivanišin-Kabashi Arhitekti; international lecturer and magazine author in Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Korea and Skopje; Expert for the Mies van der Rohe Award of the European Union

Arber Sadiki: Architect; graduate from Tirana Polytech (Albania); PhD candidate at Belgrade; University Lecturer at UBT Prishtina; Assistant curator of the Kosovo Pavilion at the 2014- Venice Biennale; 2016 Aga Khan Award nominator; currently member of the MOMA team to prepare the exhibition and publication on Yugoslavian Architecture

A cooperation between the TU-Wien Departments History of Architecture and Building Archaeology & Regional Planning and Regional Development under the umbrella of future.lab.