connecTable – a festival of good neighbourliness in the suburb districts

Main purpose of the festival to create the reason for the neighbours to meet; create the environment which will sparkle the communication; make the platform for dialogues and actions.
Symbol of the festival is a long table. We relate to the tradition of the table-talk, the family atmosphere during the lunch. Thus we suggest the new life for the old principle - self-organization and active involvement into the process of community life. We are developing the multi-purpose table which will unite the local community in the festival activities

Festival Preparation will be done in several steps, as the festival is not just the weekend activity, but a comprehensive work with each community:
• research of the social and spatial environment of the district
• organization of the workshops and activities to reveal the initiative group of citizens
• development of the program for the festival together with the citizens
• festival itself

The program of the festival will be changing according to the needs of the community member. The main activities might be: common dining, sport activities, children games, improvement of the district facilities by citizens themselves, ecology and forum for the discussion of the community life. Common activities will help to meet people who share interests and create a base for the further communication.

Perspectives starting from the small festival for the local community we are appealing to the self-determination and responsibility, making people more active. We believe that the one-way activities of the local municipal services will be replaced by the collaborative activity of the citizens and community centers with the municipal services. Over time this change in criteria for the decision-making process may change the city economy and the structure of the city government. As a result such changes may contribute to the reorganization of the vertical power into horizontal, social government.”