Climate Adaption and Mitigation in Social Housing

Local and bottom up perspectives. VIENNA INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2020 September 07–11 2020

Climate Adaption and Mitigation in Social Housing

In the framework of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) on “New Social Housing”, which will take place in Vienna in 2022, the TU Wien and the University of Vienna established a research cluster (“ResearchLab”) to encourage interdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development. To accomplish this goal, the ResearchLab started in 2018 with a series of annual International Summer Schools on relevant aspects of social housing.

In 2020, the summer school will have a thematic focus on climate adaptation and mitigation in social housing. Global warming and climate change bring about dramatic challenges for social housing. The function of housing and housing environments as shelter against heat, rain and storm receives new attention, even in regions that have for long not been prone to adverse weather conditions. Urban design strategies rediscover the values of shadow and water for healthy living conditions.

In this context, the IBA ResearchLab invites contributions that look at local, formal and informal solutions to climate adaptation and mitigation in social housing. We are particularly interested in small scale approaches by individual dwellers or local communities to adjust to extreme weather and climate conditions.

The IBA ResearchLAB 2020 wants to explore how prospective social housing can learn from these experiences and invites historical, current and forward-looking contributions from social sciences, planning, architecture, and also in relation to concrete housing projects, and bring these into the discussion of the IBA Vienna 2022.

The IBA ResearchLab pursues an interactive format. In addition to presentations and discussions of current international research projects, participants will engage with local stakeholders in Social Housing to explore new approaches to climate adaptation.

Due to the COVID-19 protection measures, this years‘ events 
(except the field trip) will be accessible onlinefor registered participants. 
To attend please register until the 6thof September!