Blue Award 2016 – International Student Competition for Sustainable Architecture

The Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design at the Vienna University of Technology is organizing the Blue Award, an international student competition. The competition honors projects addressing the topic of sustainability in the academic fields of architecture, regional planning, urbanism and civil engineering. The economic, cultural and social dimensions of sustainable development should be just as significant as the classical problems of technique and function. As a result of the cooperation with the World Conference on Timber Engineering – besides projects in the field of architecture, regional planning and urbanism – for the first time the Blue Award 2016 will also be awarded to projects that have been designed in the field of engineering.

Blue Award 2016 – International Student Competition for Sustainable Architecture

The competition is an open invitation to pioneering and sustainable solutions. How will our built environment present itself in the coming years? A onedimensional approach does not lead to results, but rather a comprehensive view of the tasks at hand is necessary in order to provide solutions and protect an environment worth experiencing.

The Blue Award will be awarded in three categories
The competition selectively recognizes and awards prizes to design projects (on paper or realized) that deal with the topic of sustainability in architecture, urbanism and regional planning as well as in civil engineering and which have been elaborated as part of an academic design program. A special focus is placed on students’ projects that have been developed in cooperation between the disciplines of architecture and civil engineering.
The results of the Blue Award 2016 will be awarded and presented as part of the WCTE, the World Conference on Timber Engineering. On this special occasion, a special prize for timber technology or the use of timber in the context of sustainability will be awarded.
- Category 1
Urban Development and Transformation, Landscape Development
- Category 2
Ecological Building and Building in Existing Structures
- Category 3
Innovative Systems and Detailed Solutions

Apply now! – Start of Submission March 1, 2016 – End of submission May 10, 2016

Award Ceremony, Catalog Presentation and Exhibition at the World Conference on Timber Engineering – August 22 – 25, 2016

The Blue Award 2016 Workshop
For the first time, in 2016 the Blue Award Workshop will take place in Vienna. The workshop aims to promote a discussion between students and teachers. The workshop takes place after the award ceremony as part of the WCTE in Vienna from August 29 to September 1, 2016. Students and teachers from the selected projects and of the TU Vienna (architecture, spatial planning and civil engineering course) are invited to participate. The subject of the workshop will be sustainability in architectural education, the elaboration of a common emphasis as well as one topic.


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