Of headaches and protests

Today was spent mostly by dedicating time to our shiny blog and recovering from a night out partying with people we had met Friday evening in the park. We reflected on our theories and talked a lot about our experiences with the city since we arrived.



Florin Badita, our planned interview partner for Monday recommended us a protest in the evening, so we headed to Piața Victoriei around 7 pm to join the event: Gust de libertate / A taste for freedom. The event was a piano concert for freedom and justice in the middle of Piața Victoriei. It had already started when we arrived, people crowded in a circle around the piano in the middle of the square. They were equipped with Romanian flags, funny signs and face masks in anticipation of tear gas from the police as it had happened at the recent protest on August 10th.



During the concert the atmosphere of the square was magic: heavy clouds covered the sky, it was windy and getting cold and sort of gave the feeling of an apocalypse approaching. But the concert and the people listening to the music, talking to each other, using their smartphones to film, lightened up the vibe and thus transmitted a feeling of unity. People brought their children, crayons for their children to draw on the pavement, bicycles and dogs, and even chairs and parasols.


We really enjoyed the concert, unfortunately it was interrupted for a few minutes when it started raining heavily. But after the rain had passed there were still people on the square, less but still. We stayed a while but then decided to head home, because we were wet and felt cold from the rain – we are such bad protesters, sorry to disappoint – so we took the bus back to our hostel and got back to blogging.

PS: Turns out it’s quite dangerous to have Netflix in your hostel room because you might end up re-watching Gilmore Girls until late at night.



“Building” of the day: Ruin at Piața Victoriei

Insider joke of the day: Muie PSD! (People shouted during the protest/concert)

GIF of the day:  #gilmoregirls #applauseforus #wearerockingourproject

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