Of 19,5 hour-long train journeys

A bag filled with food accompanies us on our almost 20-hour long train journey from Bucharest back to Vienna. We are gonna be arriving on Anna’s birthday.


Side note: Going to the toilet on a train is infinitely more relaxing when you can look out of the open toilet window.

During our seven days in Bucharest we have grown used to huge boulevards lined with Ceaușescu-era tall buildings, reminding us slightly of the architecture and pale colours of Arab desert cities, to cars parked everywhere, discovering public spaces of all shapes and forms in every corner of the city, large distances (well, actually we are not so sure about that), the sight of the “House of the People”, to people asking us what we’ve seen and what we’ve done yet, to busy schedules, to the vastness of Piața Victoriei. Also, we have learned to curse the ruling party, PSD, like a local.

Our opinion about Bucharest (in German and recorded in the train):





We have bonded over spectacular one-of-a kind architecture, our shared admiration and fascination for this strange city and, of course, ambiguity over Gilmore Girls. Now all is left is to bring together our research results into a final paper, to produce our radio piece, edit our short film and dream of a lively Piața Victoriei.

To quote a world-famous Austrian: We’ll be back.



Building of the day: Gada de Nord, train station in Bucharest

Insider joke of the day: “Which time are we leaving? 1 p.m. or 2 p.m.?” (It was 2 p.m.)

GIF of the day: #confusedabouttimeshift #waitingontrain

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