Tag 8: Farewell, Sarajevo!

On our final day, before leaving the city, we visited two important museums. The first one, The Historical Museum, is located on the prominent axis of Sarajevo, Zmaja od Bosne. The building is a simple, floating volume covered with stone cladding. It’s architecture is strongly influenced by Mies van der Rohe. The exhibition focused on the Siege, showing all sorts of items used in daily life, hand-crafter weapons, international newspapers informing about the situation in the city and lot of photos.

The second one was right next to the airport and it’s called Tunnel of Life. It follows an exciting story of an 800m long tunnel, that was secretly built underneath the Sarajevo airport and helped to transfer food, medicine into the city or help refugees escape the siege. We all agreed that the quality of the exhibition was questionable – it consists of a 16 minute-long movie that was more of an action film than a documentary, very brief exhibition showing several items and uniforms and a 25 meters long part of the tunnel itself. For an element that prominent, since it vastly contributed to survival of the whole city, this tunnel would deserve a more dignifying museum. 

As our journey comes to an end, we can say that it was an intensive, stimulative trip which made us rethink many things about Sarajevo that we initially thought. During the semester we were focusing on the siege, war and violence, whereas what we realised already on the second day is that that’s exactly what people in Sarajevo can’t stand to listen anymore and want to focus on positive message. Some things just can’t be seen from afar and needed to be examined on site, as this trip clearly shows.

At the very end we want to sincerely thank all those people in Sarajevo that made us feel very welcome and helped us with our research trip. But our biggest thanks go to the whole future.lab team for making this awesome experience possible.

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