Day six: The other side of the coin

Today I will focus mainly to the older residents of Pigneto. I’ve already heard different opinions, some people believe that the residents somehow dealt with the vivid nighttime and they don’t mind it anymore. Soon I discovered that it is far from being truth.

I interview a group of five older women that don’t hide their complaints:

“Basically we cannot leave the windows open at night, we hear everything! After 1AM this place becomes crazy. Normally we stay out until 7:30PM but not any longer. People get drunk and you never know what happens..  We have improvised police controls all the time because it was full of drug dealer here. I can still see them but at least during the day they are hidden. We are not talking only about the immigrants now, it’s Italians as well, but still the biggest problem are Africans. They are unemployed and always sit outside.As soon as the police goes away the hell begins again. This used to be a lovely neighborhood, now it’s disgusting! You as well should take care and don’t go out alone in the night!“ 



In the evening I rush to the community event to Nuccitelli Park. People meet regularly here to discuss the situation about the newly constructed bar that is about the be opened. They managed to form a strong resistance group and hired their own layer in order to block the opening. Microfon passes freely to everybody that wants to speak. I chose the contribution of an older lady as the most interesting one:


“I live here for 60 years. Guys, its incredible whats going on in this neighborhood. And honestly, I have to tell you I am not upset with this man trying to open a bar in here. I am upset with those that allowed this new construction to happen without actually coming here to see whether this little place can handle another bar! I would put THEM into the prison! A person that doesn’t live here cannot understand! We don’t find peace anymore in this place!” 

the full recording here:


The arguments are mainly about silent hours, the locals are apparently tired of noise. Another concern is the lack of the public space. Nuccitelli park is an important place for local gatherings and events and the intention of the bar owner is to take also the part of this area. 


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