Day seven: Campo dei fiori

Today I need a break from Pigneto. In order to clear my head I choose to observe another reference place – Campo dei fiori. The day-to-night transformation is perfect there. Morning market gets substituted for restaurant tables, flowers and fruit for drinks. But still this place is nothing like Pigneto, no vendor knows your name. Campo dei fiori is located in the city centre and is one of the favourite “must see” of tourists. You hear Italian very rarely, prices get bargained in English, menus in restaurants obviously target foreigners.

DSCF3027   DSCF3043

DSCF3033  DSCF3052

My strange anonymous feeling remains the same also in the evening. I realize that labeling certain place as “chick” can cause a real damage. The fame could be a potential thread also for Pigneto.


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