Day four: All that glitters is not gold

I dedicate this day to see parts of Pigneto that I don’t know yet. I don’t ride my bike the quickest or the nicest way, I try to get intentionally lost. I am observing the urban structure, village looking low rise houses mix with mid rise mass housing. I never know what to expect turning in one of the hundreds one-way streets.


Very soon I find a market which existence was hidden from me. The market reminds me more of a Viennese style markets or the ones I know from other parts of Europe. It is organised within a courtyard, the stands are officially established, but at least half them is closed.




I talk to couple of vendors and apparently the rent is too high and customers are not many. Outside of the courtyard there is a woman selling garlic without any licence.

“Before I also had stand inside. But I was paying more than I could earn.. “


Another pair of randomly chosen turns and I find myself in front of Parco Nuccitelli. The fence is covered by numerous posters that catch my attention.


Translation (short version)  




The administration of municipality has expressed a negative statement to a proposal of “ urban regeneration” that came from the owner of the new bar: we will keep this position and we want to make it respected in its all content.

The one that speaks about the “regeneration” or “development” will in reality use this place and its surroundings as another of many bars that will attract hundreds of clients during the day but mostly during the night!

We want to defend ourselves from the decay and from the wild nightlife that would eventually invade even this part of Pigneto.

With this cheat of “regeneration” we could completely forget our constitutional right to silent hours and the quality of the dignified life.  …

We demand the respect for the residents of Pigneto.

The next meeting 21st September. 

People that regenerate the neighborhood are these who live here, not those who want to commercialize it! “

So this is something interesting! An event I cannot miss.


I enter the park to speak to two man swinging their kids and they explain me more:


“I was born here so I can tell all the changes this place went through! This used to be a quarter for poor people! Even if some of them were drug addicts it was still nicer than now. People came and build their houses from bricks, there was no plan for this area, just look around – each house is different… But now these houses are worth fortune, people are selling them and so they turn into BnB or bars and restaurants. It is all becoming a part of this radical chique society and to be honest it is making me sick! We are losing even this little of the public space that has remained to us.”

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