Day five: Daytime in Pigneto

This morning my direction is clear. I want to map the atmosphere in the “pedestrian island” of Pigneto. Market is already open, people go to their well known vendors and buy fruit and vegetable. Quality is great and prices are convenient. Those who already made their shopping can sit calmly and enjoy their sweet breakfast. Retired residents, students but also those who start at work later, the morning coffee is sacred.

DSCF2909 DSCF2919



I join the table of Gabriela who’s taking care of her grandson and chatting with a friend. Ladies what do you think about the vivid nighttime in this neighbourhood?

Oh God it’s a disaster! Especially few years ago it was a real catastrophe for us. After 6PM I was afraid to go out. During the day it’s lovely here, even in the afternoon.. I go to take my grandson from school and it’s all calm. But in the night this place becomes another world, mainly young women are completely drunk sitting on the benches!”

What about the morning market?

“Before it was full of schops, there was a butchers, lady selling clothes, you could find everything here. They all disappeared, now we have to go to other parts to get this. But for the fruit and veg we always shop here. People are selling their own products, I know what I’m buying. But also the market itself used to be much bigger! Then they turned this place into pedestrian island so cars cannot enter anymore. And all the shops were replaced by bars and restaurants

“We meet here only during the day and we live further away so we are not disturbed by the noise. But I feel so sorry for my friends that live here and cannot sleep in the night. Fortunately, I have to say, It has all changed with a new mayor, we have signed a petition and its two years already that it has calmed down significantly.“


Do you ever participate at the community events?

“I know that people are organizing various nice events here. Although I never go there, it’s too late for me and I prefer to stay home with my husband. But those who have remained alone they like to go out and meet other people.

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