Day eight: People of Pigneto

My stay in Rome is slowly coming to an end so I will spend this day by interviewing as many people as possible to collect various points of view.

I begin in the market that is closing.


“Mondays there are only two of us, other days you find maybe 5 stands… The market used to be much bigger before, but nobody’s doing it anymore… It’s a tough job! You have to pack all the stuff in the afternoon, drop it in the stock and in the morning build everything again.  Some markets are covered and there you just lock your stuff in the end of the day. But this is hard…. Saturday is the strongest day. In the morning we open at 6:30 and all the old people that are used to get up early come here. In the afternoon we have to close, we have to respect the opening hours. Before the market was until very late, my uncle was a vendor and I was helping them, I remember very different regime of this market.”


I continue my tour passing around Contesta Rock Hair

DSCF3143   DSCF3134

“You couldn’t catch a better sun than this. Such light you don’t get it anywhere else, maybe a little bit in New York but only during spring. […] This Contesta Rock Hair (chain of salons) was the first one, now we have branch in Florence, Miami, Shanghai… But it has all begin with this one, twenty years ago. It was always like this, very particular. So you can imagine the reaction that it caused twenty years ago. When we were celebrating the anniversary, we made a huge party here on the street it was beautiful.”



“We have this shop for 15 years. Before the business was much better, now we have only few customers. We have a flat right above the store. I have to say that i didn’t like this place in the beginning, it was too messy but now it is nicer. We still have strong hours in the evening, but it is nothing compared to what it used to be like. Everybody goes to eat and drink to the restaurant …. Now there is also a new restriction for us – from May to October we cannot sell alcohol after 10 PM, it is valid for four months but we can feel the difference.  Our customers are mostly between 18 and 35 years. A lot of them are tourists as well, because now there are many accommodations around. We don’t really interact with neighbors in any way, in our house they also change very often, every three months there is somebody else living. There are 3 other Bangladesh shops around, but we have very good relations, we don’t see each other as competing businesses.”


Pigneto is extremely busy today. The Feminist cafe Tuba is organizing a literature festival of woman writers. The visitors are mostly from other parts of Rome or even from another cities. I interview 2 girls from Florence:

“Me and my girlfriend came just because of this festival, we are staying here in the hotel. We very very nicely surprised when we got here. We like it here a lot! It’s a very particular place, somehow isolated from everything else that is surrounding it. I’d say it’s perfect for a festival like this! “


My attention gets caught by an old women carrying heavy wooden tables outside of the bar. She explains:

“This is a bar of my granddaughter. Now i’m waiting for her to arrive. They should open in a while. I am old… I do something, i put candles in the vases, I do what I can.  […]  I was born here in Pigneto and I lived here all my life. My mother had the first stand at the market, she was selling delicacies. That was one hundred years ago and it was beautiful back then… the world was pure, my darling, drug didn’t exist before, now the world is not pure anymore.  […] The bar closes practically in the morning, they work all night. Today is Saturday so they will close very late. I go to sleep very early, at 7 PM I am already in bed. Then I wake up everyday at 3 AM and I come here around 5 in the morning and I put everything in order. Because when girls close at 3 in the morning they are very tired and they don’t have energy to clean. I always need to do something, the day I will stop I will die.”
DSCF3171   DSCF3176

“We are doing the cleaning events with people from the shelter. It’s a way of taking them out, doing something meaningful and slowly integrate them in the society by presenting them in a good way. Everyday we go to a different place, we provide them with some food from charity and in the evening I take them back to the shelter. I went through all this before, but now I work for the shelter as a mediator, i try to create the bridge between them and the outside world.”



“You are a student and you are way to nice. Let me buy you an ice cream by Filippo.”


DSCF3214   DSCF3230


I come back after a couple of hours and the nighttime mode is on.



– I lived here for almost 8 years but now i don’t live here anymore. This pedestrian area was a project run by an ex mayor, before it was a horrible place! There were just pathways on both sides, road in the middle and it was very dirty and smelly.

– Now it’s all bohemian. All my friends that live here now, you know they are no hippies or junkies, they live a very nice life here now. And there are also a lot of people from the city center coming here, I came all the way from Flaminio. As you see now there are all these restaurants, before there was just street food but now there are different kinds of places even for wealthier people. […]

– I don’t feel weird about all the policemen, they were always here. Now there are maybe more of them because of terrorism as well. And there is also this new restriction to not to drink alcohol outside after 10 PM. But I don’t see any logic in this, if they would go around to find people that are making mess.. But they are making fines to everybody drinking outside which is not the same thing. I can get equally drunk in the bar and become a jerk, but because of this I cannot enjoy my beer after work on the bench.

– We like to come here in the evening and we stay maybe until 2 in the morning.

– The prices are good and honest, so you can still meet many local residents in the bars.




– We come mostly during the evening or night. Few times it happened to me that I had my way through here in the morning so I saw the market.

– I never did, I’ve only seen this place in the dark.

– To stay here until 2 AM during the weekend is very normal. But you rarely hear or see the local residents, I don’t even have any idea about who lives here.

– Yes I remember times before the pedestrian area was made, the nights were much calmer. I think they made a good job with the re-qualification of the neighborhood. On the other side it was more intimate back then, less popular.

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