strategies of articulation in public space

Our Topic for the research is “Strategies of articulation in Public Space”. For us both, Christina and Laura, elements and strategies of articulation are key factors shaping our cities and therefore, very interesting topics to be researched, well and profoundly understood.

Public space is a vital factor in our lives in many different aspects, such as social, political, as a place of free expression, as gathering point… It is therefore of vital importance to keep the public space free and democratic, to provide the opportunity to people to gather and exchange different ideas.


In the case of public spaces with strong restrictions, there is a clear connection with identity and conflict culture in the public space, liked directly to how the public spaces are shaped with diverse tools.

The articulation tools are various and all of them are made to ultimately define the identity of the cities, to welcome or unwelcome certain actors of society in the public space. The articulation methods have a clear impact in the public space and how it is used. In response to this, citizens react with the articulation forms in public space.

Our aim is to define these articulation tools and understand their influence first on the public space and ultimately in its users’ feelings and activities there.


We want to ultimately research on what does people feel safe and comfortable in the public space and what makes people avoid certain spaces to go elsewhere. We will focus ourselves on understanding how does people use the public space in case of places where severe restrictions practices in public space are being held, in our case it will be the very heart of Istanbul: Taksim Square and Istiklal street.


By the end of our research in Vienna and Istanbul, we want to be able to make clear statements about the strategies of articulation in the public space.


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  1. xx1xx

    Public space is so important, that it will be considered as private property by some. So do not take a photo in public space. You could end up beeing opposed, because you entered private property by so many.

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