Day two: Türk Kahvaltısı and Rakı


As soon as our giant Türk Kahvaltısı (Turkish typical breakfast with many small dishes) is served we totally forget the all worries about the trip, security matters, visa…

Later we do some preparation and coordination work, because so far there are only a few concrete meeting points set with our several interview partners in various distant points around the city, which makes it hard to come up with a schedule for the following days.

The rest of the day is meant to get an idea of the city and take a deeper look into Taksim and Istiklal. Although I have read a lot the past weeks about Istanbul to get familiarized with the city, what I see is quite different to what I had at first expected…

The city is huge, busy but in an stress-free way and lives from the Bosporus. Water seems to be everywhere. The sea is always close and can be smelled in the air.

We have dinner in a nice passage by the end of Istiklal Street, where Turkish live music is played. While eating the music gets continuously louder until everyone starts to sing and some even dance along as well. People know the songs; they sing and clap their hands with pleasure and suddenly they start to dance. Rakı contributes to the enjoyable, loose mood.

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