Day three: Time for Sightseeing


On day three we want to see some sights.

We have lunch on the terrace of Istanbul Modern, where we enjoy the nice breeze, the sunny weather and a brilliant view of the Historical Peninsula. After the lunch we go to Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace.

In the evening we go to Beşiktaş, a student neighborhood with a really relaxed atmosphere. After dinner, we go back to Taksim by dolmuş, a kind of shuttle taxi, which stops at the most important places in the city for only 2,5 Turkish liras (about 60 euro cents). On our way home we pass through Taksim again and notice that is used a lot more than during the day. The summer festival is still in progress. People sit in groups on the ground around the monument and on the tiny grassy areas next to it, having any kind of refreshments. It seems as if the people come here late to enjoy the cooler nights outside. We still wonder why they do so, since the space is not inviting at all…

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