Day nine: Last Hours…


On day nine we want to get some souvenirs at the old bazar, walk trough old Istanbul and buy some Baklava to bring it home.

Later during the day, we sum up all impressions and information to make sure not to forget anything. We go through everything we learned during the stay before leaving. We make a structure for the documentation work back home and sort the best pictures and quotes.

In the evening we meet friends of Laura for some drinks. We sit in a park having beer, wine and some snacks. The park is full of other groups of young people enjoying the Saturday night.

We have an interesting experience later, when it comes to a dispute about a girl wearing a white dress. First we just notice yelling, but Laura’s friend explains the situation to us. The security man, patrolling in the park wants to take her to the police, because he thinks her clothing is not suitable for public space. A big discussion/fight starts and many visitors in the park attend it. Most of them help the girl, defending her from the abuse of power of the security staff.

In the end the police arbitrate the dispute, they want them to calm things down and forget about the incident…

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