Day four: First Interviews


On day four we wake up early to prepare for our first interview with a sociology professor at Yıldız University. The campus is huge and it reminds us of American university campuses. The security staff at the entrance arranges that a driver bring us to the professor´s office when they notice that we are foreigners. We learn about the historical meaning of Taksim Square and the changes during the past years, about hopes and fears.

“No matter how much you erase the historical footprint, you can not erase the society’s memory.”

For the second interview at Istanbul Technical University we are a lot more relaxed and talk about urban planning, policy of land use, the gentrification and privatization process in Istanbul – especially in Beyoğlu -, as well as the laws regarding public space and its use. This interview opens up new perspectives and gives insight into aspects, which we have not discussed so far, in a wider historical and political context.

“Public space means state space.”

After two intense interviews and a lot of new input we are exhausted, also because the city heats up strongly during the day and the humidity is extremely high. We spend the evening with pizza and beer in the garden of our apartment.

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