“How we Build” – Gastprofessur Assemble

This studio is founded on the belief that an understanding of how things are made, of how materials are assembled, brings an intimate engagement with the problems and future possibilities of the real world. We think that architectural practice should combine critical thinking and direct making. This approach underpins the work of our practice, Assemble, and will inform the tactics and teaching of this studio.

“How we Build” – Gastprofessur Assemble

Based here in Vienna, we will dissect the physical construction of the city – its skin and bones – in order to propose new approaches to the built environment. We will explore how different parts of the city have been made and how these methods and materials are a reflection of economic, political and social conditions, often hidden from the public experience of a place.

Through experimental drawing and publication, we will communicate these ideas to a broad public audience, revealing a different and exciting way of seeing and engaging with the city around us.

We will combine rigorous research and design with hands-on 1:1 prototyping and material exploration. Taking the clay that Vienna is built on as our starting point, we will develop a range of experimental material processes and collective building methods. We will explore how existing materials, infrastructure and people could be mobilized to create exciting new models of building.

Die erste Präsentation von “How we Build” im Architekturzentrum Wien: