I can´t fill it! Can you fill it?

This Questions are going to Emir Kir the major of Sint-Joost-ten-Node, because of the hole there are never going to be answered.

We just know you from all the articles we read and we are confused…


We are doing portraits about people in st. Josse and asked them about their personal story is it too much to ask to tell us yours ?


As you grew up in St. Josse how did you experience the development of the district?


We talked to a lot of people with an immigration background who were born here or came here as children, they don´t feel as real belgians. Can you understand it or better asked do you consider yourself as a real belgian?


You have two nationalities the belgian and the turkish, if you had to choose which one would you choose?


As we are doing a study about the public space especially about intercultural mix and confilct culture, it also involves politcal issues from the various countries themselves how do you feel about having political matters from abroad, for example an elecation in turky, being carried out on the streets from st. Josse? Safety?


How important is it in St. Josse that every person can have his freedom in religion and celebrate it in the puplic space?


Dominiek Lootens (Brussels Vlaams Belang fractievoorzitter) said in an article from march 2016 said „

Dominiek Lootens : “Nu reeds is er uit bepaalde wijken in Brussel een ware volksverhuis bezig. Assyriërs en andere christelijke minderheden uit het Midden-Oosten worden nu reeds dermate door de islamitische inwoners geterroriseerd dat ze Sint-Joost-ten-Node en Molenbeek verlaten, om zich elders in Brussel te gaan vestigen. De propaganda die nu door de AKP in Brussel wordt verspreid is niet alleen een regelrechte oproep om de etnische zuivering van die wijken verder te zetten, maar is eveneens een regelrechte oorlogsverklaring aan alle niet-islamitische inwoners van Brussel, en aan de waarden van het land waar ze wonen.

Currently certain districts in Bruxelles are facing mass movement of ethnicities. Assyrians and minority of christians from the Middle East are being terrorized by the islamic inhabitants in such a way that they are forced to move out districts such as Sint-Joost-ten-Node and Molenbeek. The propaganda being spreak by the AKP in Bruxelles is not only a direct call for ethnical cleanse of certain districts but also a declaration of war to all other non islamic inhabitants of Bruxelles and the values of society.

Do you have the feeling it is true, that the miniorties are oppressed because we feel they are banished from the urban sourroundings?

We heard that a lot Maroccean people moved away, what do you thing are the reasons?


Do you like the place saint josse? What do you think about the project walking madou from 2012 could you imagen to stop the traffic permantly on this place and maybe just have tram and busses passing through?


We know that most of the decisions regarding urbanism and environment are made by the capital region brussels but what do you think the comune can improve within it´s power for homeless people, the prostitution and the improvement of the region next to the north station? We also noticed that in this area is a leck of public spaces.


How do you see this movement and how do see developing St. Josse within the next 10 years?


Thanks a lot for your time.

Agnes and Elli



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